DocPoint-elokuvatapahtumat ry

DocPoint is a Finnish association in support and for the benefit of documentary films.

DocPoint-elokuvatapahtumat ry was established in 2001 with the ideological approach to enhance and diversify documentary films, while also ensuring their status and knowledge in Finland.

DocPoint organizes various events – the year-round DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, the year-round national documentary film tour for children and youth called DOKKINO, the monthly Doc Lounge Helsinki-club and a documentary impact-producing-project called DocPoint IMPACT.


We welcome new memberships yearly. You may become a member if you are interested in documentary films and its perceived culture, excited about film festivals and as long as you accept the association’s purpose, intent and policies.

The membership fee is 35 euros for the next calendar year of 2018. The membership fee will entail a festival pass for DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival 2018 (29th Jan – 4th February 2018), where you may see up to three films every day from the festival program. Members may also sign up for the festivals opening ceremony, the ceremony’s screening and to any organized Doc Lounge Helsinki-clubs free of charge, unless fully booked.

A Support Member’s fee is 150 euros per calendar year. A support member/organization will receive 10 tickets for DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival and 5 tickets for the festivals opening ceremony and screening.

The membership is free of charge for our Honorary Members.

Register as a member HERE.



The board of the association includes a chairman, six members and one deputy member.

The board and the chairman are chosen at an annual meeting for the next three years. The deputy member will be chosen annually for one year at a time. The chairman is able to run for two terms in a row and the members of the board only for one term at a time.


The board members for the financial year of 1.4.2017-31.3.2018.

John Webster, chairman
Laura Aalto, member
Mia Halme, member
Jonna Heliskoski, member
Mina Laamo, member
Petri Luukkainen, member
Timo Korhonen, member
Pia Andell, deputy member



The executive director Ulla Bergström is responsible for leading and managing all the organization’s productions, including the financial aspects and staff management. The artistic director Iris Olsson is in charge of all programming and content regarding the film festival. The association management respond to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors.

Executive Directors of DocPoint Association:

Ulla Bergström, 8/2012–
Leena Närekangas, 7/2009–7/2012
Jari Matala, 5/2007–4/2009
Kai Huotari, 4/2003–6/2006

The Artistic Directors of DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival.

Iris Olsson 2017-
Ulla Simonen, 2014–16
Erja Dammert, 2012–13
Erkko Lyytinen, 2009–11
Virpi Suutari, 2008
Kristina Schulgin, 2005–07
Arto Halonen, 2002–04