A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness

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The experimental documentary by Rivers and Russell follows the musician Robert A.A. Lowe trying out three different lifestyles. As Lowe spends time in an Estonian commune, the camera captures more than just the usual: the meditative quietness of nature. Quietness becomes the main theme, as Lowe moves to Northern Finland to live in solitude. The dark shades deepen, when Lowe joins a Norwegian blackmetal band. The film urges to search one’s soul. Your place in the world might be found anywhere.


Rosa-Maria Sedita / Translation: Juha Nurminen


Language: English
No subtitles


98min, Estonia, France, 2013
Format: DCP
Photography: Ben Rivers, Ben Russell
Editor: Ben Rivers, Ben Russell
Sound: Chu-Li Shewring, Philippe Ciompi, Nicolas Becker, Gérard Lamps
Production: Julie Gayet, Nadia Turincev / Rouge International, Indrek Kasela / Black Hand
Additional info: Russell and Rivers' exhibition in Sorbus gallery Jan 30th - Feb 9th. Further information on the Side Events -page.

Wed 29.1.2014 20:45 @ Kinopalatsi