Journey to the Safest Place on Earth


Journey to the Safest Place on Earth deals with a chilling problem, which seems almost impossible to find a solution to: what to do with the hundreds of thousands of tons of nuclear waste that have emerged as a by-product of nuclear power over the decades? In the light of the recent environmental activism the subject is perhaps more relevant than ever. Edgar Hagen’s documentary takes the viewer on a journey around the world in the spirit of Jules Verne – only this time we have more lose than just money.

Arttu Manninen / Translation: Asta Mykkänen


Language: English, German
Subtitles: English


Journey to the Safest Place on Earth / Trailer English HD from Mira Film on Vimeo.

100min, Switzerland, 2013
Original title:  Die Reise zum sichersten Ort der Erde
Format: DCP
Photography: Peter Indergand
Editor: Paul-Michael Sedlacek, Edgar Hagen
Sound: Daniel Almada
Production: Hercli Bundi / Mira Film GmbH

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