DocPoint Masterclass 2012

Meet the Master: Eyal Sivan

An award-winning and widely discussed Israeli documentary film maker Eyal Sivan visits the 11th DocPoint  – Helsinki Documentary Film festival held in the end of January. Sivan will be giving a Masterclass Lecture on the festival Sunday for the film students, professionals and anyone interested in film making. The lecture is held at SES Auditorio Kino 13, between 11pm – 5pm. A retrospection of his works is also a part of the DocPoint festival programme.

Sivan (b. 1964) has directed almost twenty films during his career. He is a well-known critic of the Israeli government and has boldly commented on the political issues of the Middle East. Izkor: Slaves of Memory, a film that Sivan directed in 1991, criticizes the way Israeli educational system teaches the holocaust and reifies the collective memory. It started Sivan's ongoing conflict with the Israeli government.

Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel (2003) Sivan directed together with a Palestinian director Michel Khleif. For one year the two men followed the everyday life of the Palestinian and Israeli people on the border drawn in 1948. Sivan's most recent film, Jaffa, The Orange’s Clockwork (2009) tells about the history of Palestinian region by means of a story of Jaffa oranges.

Eyal Sivan works also at the University of East London giving lectures on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the ethics of documentary film making and about political memory, among other things. More information:

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