An award-winning and widely discussed Israeli documentary film maker Eyal Sivan visits the 11th DocPoint  – Helsinki Documentary Film festival held in the end of January. Sivan will be giving a Masterclass Lecture on the festival Sunday for the film students, professionals and anyone interested in film making.




As always, DocPoint 2012 includes interesting discussions and seminars lead by famous directors etc.

More about the seminars' programme here.




The DocPoint Encounters on 26th Jan, 2012 is the first one in the series of four festival seminars aimed at the cinema professionals. DocPoint Encounters deal with the new and innovative means of film narration. Read more here!



During the festival there will be great clubs almost daily, nearly all are free of charge! You can enjoy Balkan-influenced dance band music or dance with legendary Monte Rosso DJ's - what ever you prefer.
More information about the club programme here.







Jump on the culture tram or turn to DocPoint’s Film doctors when in pain - or enjoy the fusion of music and film in DocPoint’s legendary Silent Film Concert.  This year's side events include also Kick Starts show and Wall Is a Screen performance from Germany.
Get to know the side events better here.


DOKKINO − Documentary Film Event for Children and Youth introduces primary and secondary school children to the world of documentary films. In this year's DOKKINO films, the characters dream of very different things. For the whole programme see: