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Press releases about the 2012 festival

Press Release 27th December 2011: The DocPoint Apollo Award to Iikka Vehkalahti

Press Release 8th December 2011: The New Finnish Documentary Films Comment on the International Role of Finland

Press Release 2nd December 2011: An Israel Critic Eyal Sivan Visits DocPoint in January 

Press Release 18th November 2011: DocPoint Tour goes to Latin America

Press Release 16th November 2011: Hot topics in Arab Countries and confused Europe at the DocPoint Festival programme 2012

Press releases about the 2011 festival

31st January, 2011: DocPoint reached a new audience record! Erja Dammert starts as the new Artistic Director

18th January, 2011: An extensive list of international guests at the 10th DocPoint festival

20th December, 2010: DocPoint celebrates its 10th anniversary with classics and interesting newcomers

27th October, 2010: DocPoint’s extensive series of documentaries of Kongo in Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, January 2011

Press releases about the 2010 festival

Press Release 2nd February 2010: DocPoint drew an audience of nearly 30,000 
Press Release 21st January 2010: DocPoint celebrates the pioneers of Finnish documentary film
Press Release 28th December 2009: DocPoint's Aho & Soldan Award goes to director Kiti Luostarinen

Press Release 22th December 2009: DocPoint - border breaking and provocation
Press Release 15th December 2009: The Finnish documentary films at DocPoint
Press Release 20th November 2009: Philibert and Lozinski at DocPoint
Newsletter 8th September 2009: DocPoint expands to Estonia
Newsletter 22.6.2009: Leena Närekangas appointed as DocPoint festival's new Executive Director


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