Awards at DocPoint


Ever since the founding of DocPoint - Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Finnish documentarists have been awarded at the festival.

Aho & Soldan Lifetime Achievement Award is handed out to an accomplished Finnish director of documentary films. Apollo Award, launched in 2006, is a mark of recognition given in honour of a person or community who has done remarkable work in the field of Finnish documentary film.


Aho & Soldan Award winners

Apollo Award winners

Pekka Lehto, 2011 Tuula Mehtonen, 2013
Kiti Luostarinen, 2010 Iikka Vehkalahti, 2012
Peter von Bagh, 2005 Epidem-tuotantoyhtiö, 2009
Pirjo Honkasalo, 2004 Jörn Donner, 2008
Lasse Naukkarinen, 2003 Ilkka Kippola, 2007
Markku Lehmuskallio, 2002 Jarmo Jääskeläinen, 2006



More on Aho & Soldan Award

Criteria for receiving the Aho & Soldan Award include a remarkable life's work, contribution to the Finnish creative documentary film and a successful long-lasting career as a documentary film director. The festival program includes a restrospective of the awarded director. It is a unique opportunity to see the director's life work as a whole.

Aho & Soldan Lifetime Achievement Award is named after Heikki Aho and Björn Soldan, pioneers of Finnish documentary film. They can be said to have started the Finnish documentary tradition. During their career, Aho & Soldan produced 400 documentary films, of which as many as 300 were produced in the 1930's.

Aho & Soldan contributed significantly to Finnish film, as they captured stories great and small in the film form. The team made films on everyday subjects as well as on great Finnish men, such as composer Jean Sibelius.


Photos: Heidi Uutela