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  • Carte Blanche_720px

    Carte Blanche

    Switzerland |  2011 |  91min

    Sun 29.1.2012 19:30

    Pathologist Eric Baccard grabs a shovel and begins to dig. Buried in the backyard of the house are victims of the troops of Jean-Pierre Bemba, the leader of the Central African Republic. In the meantime, Gloria Davies interviews women and...

  • Enemies_of_the_people_720px.jpg

    Enemies of the People

    United Kingdom, Cambodia |  2010 |  93min

    Thu 26.1.2012 20:45

    Sun 29.1.2012 15:45

    Over one and a half million Cambodians were killed under the Khmer Rouge regime's four years in power. Reporter Thet Sambath, whose father, mother and brother were among the victims, decided to solve, why the genocide occurred. During ten years, he developed a...

  • Hell_and_Back_Again_c_DANFUNG DENNIS_720px.jpg

    Hell and Back Again

    United Kingdom, United States |  2010 |  88min

    Thu 26.1.2012 17:00

    Sat 28.1.2012 19:00

    War photographer and photojournalist Danfung Dennis left for Afganistan in 2009 embedded in a marine battalion. From there he followed home a badly injured sergeant Nathan Harris. More crippled by his bitterness and lust for killing than his shattered hip,...

  • Lost_land_720px.jpg

    Lost Land

    Belgium, France |  2011 |  75min

    Tue 24.1.2012 19:00

    Sun 29.1.2012 21:30

    “The things they did were so horrible that nobody is able to speak about them”, a woman staying out of sight recollects. She’s a supporter of the independence of Western Sahara. Since 1989 a wall has divided the area between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Sahrawi national...

  • The Somnambulists_720x360.jpg

    The Somnambulists

    United Kingdom |  2011 |  96min

    Wed 25.1.2012 17:00

    Fri 27.1.2012 21:00

    The British forces ceased their military actions in Iraq in 2009. The USA will withdraw its remaining troops at the end of 2011. A group of soldiers come back home, but they will never be the same. They leave a war zone that has claimed over one hundred thousand civilians. Richard Jobson...

  • The Tiniest Place_720px.jpg

    The Tiniest Place

    Mexico |  2011 |  104min

    Sat 21.1.2012 17:30

    Sun 29.1.2012 19:15

    The jungle spreads out over a small village like a blanket. The faraway mountains are home to a community that was destroyed during the Salvadoran Civil War in the 1980's. Now it has to be rebuilt, but the ghosts of the past still wander around disturbing the peace in the valley. Many people...