North by Northeast

  • Field of Magic / photo Mindaugas Survila

    Field of Magic

    Lithuania |  2011 |  62min

    Sat 28.1.2012 13:00

    It’s winter in Lithuania. In a forest near a landfill, a group of homeless people live in shacks they’ve built out of junk. They have lived there for over twenty years and earn their meagre living by collecting scrap metal from the dump and selling it. Summers are short,...
  • He Thinks Hes the Best_720px.jpg

    He Thinks He's the Best

    Sweden |  2011 |  76min

    Thu 26.1.2012 21:15

    Sun 29.1.2012 19:00

    The brothers, Carmine and Valdo, have never got along. According to them, the brothers have hated each other since birth. In their mother's funeral, Carmine tried to strangle Valdo to death, but the little brother was saved by intervening relatives. The...
  • How_Are_You_Doing_Rudolf_Ming_720px.jpg

    How Are You Doing, Rudolf Ming?

    Latvia |  2010 |  62min

    Tue 24.1.2012 21:00

    Sat 28.1.2012 17:45

    Rudi has two passions: building traps and making movies. Despite his innocence, there is something impish about him – like a trickster he lures others into his world of covered snares and painted images. As the wild coast of his home village isolates him from...
  • I Will Forget This Day_720px.jpg

    I Will Forget This Day

    Russia |  2011 |  25min

    Fri 27.1.2012 18:30

    It’s misty and grey. A long bridge crosses the river. The hospital corridor leading to the operating room feels long as well as the camera captures young women with long black-and-white shots. One by one – all alone. Abortion has been decided, and they all have their reasons.


  • Imagining Emanuel_720px.jpg

    Imagining Emanuel

    Norway |  2011 |  52min

    Sat 28.1.2012 22:00

    A man stands against a blank background like a subject of examination. Who is he and where is he from? The Norwegian authorities search through written documents to find the answer, while director Thomas A. Østbye resorts to the means of a documentary film....
  • Me_and_My_Nose_720px.jpg

    Me & My Nose

    Denmark |  2010 |  28min

    Sat 28.1.2012 18:30

    Ziska Szemes was born in Sweden and identifies herself as a Swede, but to her regret, the Swedish people do not seem to regard her as one of them. The reason for this is Ziska's nose. Should she do something with her nose? Plastic surgery, perhaps?
  • Outro_720x360px.jpg


    Russia |  2010 |  43min

    Fri 27.1.2012 18:30

    Svetlana is waiting for death in her apartment. The cancer has spread throughout her body, and she has only a few weeks left. Still, she meets her friends and relatives. She speaks with her mom, who sombrely wonders how life can continue without her daughter. One last...
  • The New World_720px.jpg

    The New World

    Estonia |  2011 |  89min

    Sun 29.1.2012 15:00

    Who do the streets belong to? Who decides how public space should be used? Director Jaan Tootsen’s debut film begins in Tallinn with good ideas and enthusiastic people, in a summer that seems endless, when a group of young individuals start shaking the perception of public...

  • The Samurai Case_720px.jpg

    The Samurai Case

    Denmark |  2011 |  53min

    Thu 26.1.2012 19:15

    A few buddies are spending an evening together. There is plenty of alcohol and everyone is having a good time until two friends, Ronny and Dan, get into an argument. Dan is known to be unpredictable when drunk, and when he defies Ronny by refusing to...
  • Trendy Dog_720px.jpg

    Trendy Dog

    Estonia |  2010 |  30min

    Sat 28.1.2012 18:30

    The bride is wearing a white necklace and the groom a fluffy tuxedo. The families smile contentedly throughout the wedding ceremony which culminates in the priest's words: you may now sniff each other. The newlyweds, two small lap dogs, do what their owners tell them to do.
  • Women with Cows_720x360px.jpg

    Women with Cows

    Norway, Sweden, Finland |  2011 |  93min

    Sat 28.1.2012 15:45

    Sisters Inger and Britt are nearing eighty and live peacefully in Sweden’s picturesque countryside. They take care of a much loved herd of eleven cattle, although it’s getting hard for them. Their own wellbeing comes second, especially to...