Meet the Master: Eyal Sivan

  • Izkor, Slaves of Memory_720x320px.jpg

    Izkor, Slaves of Memory

    Israel, France |  1990 |  97min

    Thu 26.1.2012 19:00

    Sat 28.1.2012 15:00

    Spring in Israel is a time of remembrance. Celebration dates like Easter and the country’s Independence Day are close to one another and in-between those the school children learn about the nation’s history. The stamping of a collective memory onto the children and youth...
  • Jaffa, The Orange's Clockwork_720x360px.jpg

    Jaffa, the Orange's Clockwork

    Belgium, Israel, France |  2009 |  88min

    Wed 25.1.2012 19:00

    Fri 27.1.2012 19:15

    The startling essay film tells the story of the Jaffa orange – how it became an Israeli export and a trademark of Zionism. Israel exports tons of crates labelled “Jaffa”, but none of the fruit are actually shipped from the Jaffa Port anymore.


  • Route_181_720px.jpg

    Route 181, Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel

    Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Germany |  2003 |  272min

    Fri 27.1.2012 14:00

    Ethnical “cleansing“ is such a despicable atrocity as it lacks pretence to spare the innocent. It cannot be amended.
    Following Israel’s borders of 1947, the two filmmakers travel in the war-zone. Their old map is superimposed on the...
  • The_Specialist_720px.jpg

    The Specialist, Portrait of a Modern Criminal

    Belgium, Israel, Austria, France, Germany |  1999 |  128min

    Sat 28.1.2012 12:30

    The images of Adolf Eichmann sitting in a glass booth in a Jerusalem courtroom in 1961 have become symbols of international war crimes trials. The directors have turned the 350 hours of trial footage into a documentary that makes the viewers reflect on the evil in humans...