Kotimainen esityssarja

  • Jalki_elamassa_720px

    After Life – 4 Stories of Torture

    Finland |  2011 |  59min

    Tue 24.1.2012 18:00

    Fri 27.1.2012 17:00

    ”I believe that we who were tortured will never be the same.” Hector recalls the events that happened over 40 years ago. Mervi Junkkonen’s Jälki elämässä – 4 tarinaa kidutuksesta (After Life – 4...

  • Kotona_kylassa_720px

    At Home in a Village

    Suomi |  2012 |  84min

    Sat 28.1.2012 17:00

    Kiti Luostarinen’s documentary, Kotona kylässä (At Home in a Village), pays homage to the village of Luhanka in Central Finland. The camera follows the inhabitants’ optimistic and close to nature routines from summer to spring. In Luhanka, one can...

  • Sydameni taakka_720px

    Burden of My Heart

    Finland |  2011 |  45min

    Fri 27.1.2012 21:30

    A group of men are cleaning bones in water buckets. A mother with no legs prays in the church by day, at home with her children in the evening, and by herself at night, surrounded by darkness. Other villagers gather in candlelight to reminisce about their loved ones. Some cry, most do not.

  • Sailottuja_unelmia_720px

    Canned Dreams

    Finland |  2011 |  78min

    Thu 26.1.2012 19:30

    How many stories can you fit into a can? Canned goods travel via several countries and working hands before being placed on Finnish shelves. Along the way, they pick up stories.

    Säilöttyjä unelmia (Canned Dreams) takes your breath away with the visual cross-section...

  • Finnsurf_360x720px.jpg


    Finland |  2011 |  52min

    Thu 26.1.2012 15:00

    Finnsurf is the first Finnish surf-film. A wild guess is that it’s also the world’s only surf-film in which someone surfs with an icicle attached to their forehead. When a proper storm wind blows a true surfer runs through a snowy forest and jumps into the freezing Baltic...

  • Five Star Existence_720px

    Five Star Existence

    Finland |  2011 |  90min

    Fri 27.1.2012 19:15

    A computer mouse stuck to the forehead enables an independent life for a disabled woman. Youngsters absorbed in the gaming world can’t straighten their spine. A robot sucks an udder into its nozzle on a Finnish farm and in South Korea a futuristic eco-city is rising. Accurate observations...

  • Jaamarssi_c_Aarne Backmanin kokoelma_720px

    Frozen Hell – Prisoners of War in Finland 1941–42

    Finland |  2011 |  85min

    Sat 28.1.2012 15:15

    It’s the year 1943: In a crazed attempt to hide their crimes, SS commanders of Treblinka concentration camp in Poland order burnings of their victims. In another place at the same era: Facing defeat, authorities command archive material to be destroyed.

    A few surviving films and...

  • Kerjalaiselokuva_720px

    Helping Mihaela

    Finland |  2011 |  96min

    Fri 27.1.2012 15:00

    A 16-year-old girl, Mihaela, and her small baby boy will be deported. The girl belongs to the unwanted group of people in Europe, whose livelihood depends on the by-passers' sense of justice and the helpers' persistency. Kerjäläiselokuva (Helping Mihaela)...

  • Yhden miehen rauha_720px

    One Man Peace

    Finland |  2012 |  60min

    Wed 25.1.2012 20:00

    Images often seen in the news: dusty streets of Mogadishu, buildings ravaged by war, heavily armed men. And Abdullahi Farah, a serious man who fled the Somali Civil War to Finland years ago. Farah has one goal – to end the war. Can a shopkeeper and father of seven from...

  • Profeetta_720px


    Finland |  2011 |  23min

    Thu 26.1.2012 15:00

    Markku Mäkinen lives in solitude in the middle of a forest. When he was a child, his house was struck by lightning. Ever since then he has experienced the world in a new, broader and deeper way. The hidden forms of the forest, the gnomes and fairies, appear in his presence...

  • Punaisen_metsan_hotelli_720px

    Red Forest Hotel

    Finland |  2011 |  87min

    Tue 24.1.2012 20:30

    Mika Koskinen was planning a film about China being the growing giant of green energy. His plans changed when he encountered Stora Enso in southern China. The company is destroying the diverse nature and polluting the groundwater with its eucalyptus plantations.


  • (c) 2011 Cineparadiso Oy.

    Soul Catcher

    Finland |  2011 |  14min

    Fri 27.1.2012 21:30

    A man and a lion stare each other in the eye. The air quivers with heat. The man has raised his spear, the lion stays still. The camera captures the moment, turns it upside down. Meanwhile in Finland the heat fries people on the beach. Pale skins turn red. The camera is there once again and...