Apollo-palkinto: Iikka Vehkalahti

  • A_Miners_Tale_720px.jpg

    A Miner’s Tale

    South Africa, Mosambique |  2001 |  40min

    Thu 26.1.2012 21:45

    Fri 27.1.2012 19:00

    Joachim from Mozambique is trapped between two wives. He has a family waiting for him in his homeland as well as in South Africa. The miner is daunted by the onus, guilt and tremendous fear. Medical tests reveal that Joachim has HIV. He doesn’t know how he was infected or...

  • Imiti Ikula_720px.jpg

    Imiti Ikula

    Namibia, Zambia |  2001 |  25min

    Thu 26.1.2012 21:45

    Fri 27.1.2012 19:00

    Sparks are flying as a group of street children gather around a fire in Lusaka, Zambia. They talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose strength and wealth are mutually admired by the children. Among them is Memory, one of the orphans who have lost their parents to...

  • Invoking Justice_720px.jpg

    Invoking Justice

    Japan, United States |  2011 |  86min

    Thu 26.1.2012 21:30

    Sat 28.1.2012 21:30

    "I thought that fathers and brothers had the right to hit us. I didn't see it as violence," says Sharifa Khanam who started the first women's Jamaat in southern India in 2004. These Islamic advisory councils have traditionally been entirely male-dominated and women...

  • My Best Fiende_720px.jpg

    My Best Fiend

    Germany |  1999 |  95min

    Tue 24.1.2012 21:00

    Sat 28.1.2012 19:15

    My Best Fiend by Werner Herzog, a filmmaker with an outstanding career, is a portrait of Klaus Kinski who died in 1991. Together Herzog and Kinski formed a pair that generated a number of films following a single formula: the protagonist, played by...

  • Private Chronicles - Monologue_720px.jpg

    Private Chronicles: Monologue

    Russia |  1999 |  91min

    Sun 29.1.2012 13:00

    Vitali Manski’s film gives the viewer a rare opportunity to see the private life of Soviet Union citizens. Thousands of hours of amateur footage from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s was assembled by Manski into a solid story – a collective Soviet home movie of all time....

  • South_360x720px.jpg


    France |  1999 |  70min

    Tue 24.1.2012 20:30

    Sat 28.1.2012 17:45

    A shameful death shatters the calm of a small American town. According to a reporter, body parts were found scattered along several miles of the road. Filmmaker Chantal Akerman wants to solve the murder. She takes her viewers to the police station, and to the emotional and...

  • The_Ball_720px.jpg

    The Ball

    South Africa, Mosambique |  2001 |  4min

    Thu 26.1.2012 21:45

    Fri 27.1.2012 19:00

    20 million condoms are handed out in Mozambique every year. Most of them are used creatively: children turn them into footballs.

    The Ball, part of the Steps for the Future series, shows how the entire community takes part in the joy of the game, spiced up with African...

  • Three Days and Never Again_720px.jpg

    Three Days and Never Again

    Russia |  1998 |  59min

    Tue 24.1.2012 17:00

    Fri 27.1.2012 20:45

    Worry and grief won’t release their grip. She thinks about her son when cooking, baking or making jam. Ljubov doesn’t want to see anybody because everyone asks, what has happened to Sasha. Her only child shot his superior who sexually...