DocPoint Encounters Speakers 2012


EDN Web Editor & Film Consultant

Ove has been with EDN since Winter 2003 and is in charge of the EDN web site, runs various documentary screenings, workshops, seminars and master classes, participates in the selection of projects to workshops and pitching sessions as well as handling press & communication.

Ove’s work with the EDN web site has focused on developing a platform, where a network as geographical divided as EDN’s, can have a meeting place for collaboration and information sharing. This has resulted in formats like EDN Online Master Classes, where leading documentary figures share their knowledge about filmmaking, and EDN Online Sessions, where important financiers are introduced and their financing possibilities presented. Latest format is The EDN Online Pitching Session, where documentary projects with a specific thematic focus are pitching to a selected group of financiers via an online videoconference system.

Ove has programmed and/or produced a number of events like The Greek Documentary Lab, New Platforms - New Politics, Twelve for the Future and lately also EDN’s market activities at European Film Market, Sunny Side of the Doc and MIPDOC. In addition he has collaborated with a number of documentary organisations and festivals with tailor making master classes, seminars and workshops for special events and occasions.

Ove Rishøj Jensen holds a master degree in film studies with additional studying of cultural journalism and humanistic computer informatics. Besides working for EDN Ove has briefly worked for Filmkontakt Nord. Alongside working for EDN Ove is also working for the Swedish production company Auto Images as Outreach Producer.


Multiplatform Commissioning Editor (Factual), www.channel4.comChannel 4

Adam Gee is one of the most experienced commissioners in UK broadcasting of multiplatform interactive projects around TV. Recent projects range from Big Fish Fight to One Born Every Minute, from Sexperience to Jamie’s Dream School, from Embarrassing Bodies to The Great British Property Scandal. Adam has won over 70 international awards for his productions - including three BAFTAs {British Academy Awards}, three RTS Awards {Royal Television Society}, two Media Guardian Innovation Awards, a Design Council Millennium Award and the Grand Award at the New York International Film & Television Festival.



Matt Costello’s work includes ground-breaking and innovative games, books and television. His best-selling and award-winning video games include The 7th Guest, Doom 3and Pirates of the Caribbean. His horror novel Beneath Still Waters was filmed by Lionsgate. Rage, a novel based on the just-released game he worked on, was published this August. His latest suspense novel, Vacation, was published by St. Martin’s Press this fall. His children's books include The Kids of Einstein Elementary and Magic Everywhere. Matt Costello’s also written episodes and created TV formats for PBS, Disney, SyFy, and the BBC, and he consults on transmedia around the world.  


LOVE & ENGINEERING (case study)

Digital geeks looking for analogue love

Love & Engineering is a cross media storyworld following four engineers (from different countries – all living in Finland and working for big companies like Nokia and Ericson) participating in a course mentored by Atanas, 34, a Bulgarian mathematician, who is – on the basis of his own experiences – trying to structure a (pseudo) scientific formula of love and dating.

The students date – which we follow also – and return to Atanas who tells them what went wrong or why did they succeed and how they should act in future. And on this experiment Atanas is trying to formulate his theory and make application for mobile devices so every person in the world can learn how to find love. The project won the The Pixel Pitch Prize in Cross Media Forum last spring.

Producer Kaarle Aho has worked as film producer and shareholder in Helsinki based Making Movies Oy since 1998. He has produced dozens of documentaries (including films like A Decent Factory and Damages by Thomas Balmès, In the Dark by Sergey Dvortsevoy and Rules of Single Life by Tonislav Hristov) and four feature films (including Rat King and Black Ice by Petri Kotwica).

Director Tonislav Hristov is Bulgarian born filmmaker based in Finland. He worked for years directing tv-programs for YLE on emigrants living in Finland. His first feature length documentary Rules of Single Life (2011) has had cinema distribution in Finland and Bulgaria and it was selected as the best documentary film in Sofia International Film Festival in 2011.








CEO and Developer, Die Asta Experience

Asta Wellejus is an experienced cross-media producer/ developer. Being headhunted by Lars von Trier in 1997 to develop new ways of combining film, theater, role-playing and games, Asta co-founded Zentropa Interaction in 1999, producing interactive formats (Films, Games, ARG´s, Alternate Launch, Exhibition, Roleplays etc.) until 2007, when she founded  "Die Asta Experience" that is a creative company specialised in development of attractions, interactive learning, communication of Cultural Heritage and social interaction. The company is founded on inspiration from movies' way of telling stories and play-roles' ability to get people to play and learn.